Advancis® Urivial SOS 15 vials
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Advancis® Urivial SOS 15 vials

Advancis® Urivial SOS is a food supplement in vial form with a concentrated formula of traditionally used medicinal plants and Vitamin B6. These ingredients are essential in symptomatic relief associated with uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTI).

Advancis® Urivial SOS combines Uva Ursi, Heather, Bilberries, and White Birch.

Uva Ursi leaves are traditionally known for their diuretic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory action on the urinary tract due to their flavonoid glycosides and arbutin content.

The Heather is rich in flavonoids, hydroquinone glucosides, tannins, and procyanidins, which not only have an antiseptic action on the urinary tract but also demonstrate a diuretic action (due to the flavonoids).

The Bilberries are rich in proanthocyanidins which are known for their antioxidant vasoprotective, and anti-inflammatory properties. Bilberries are considered suitable for fighting urinary tract infections because of their ability to prevent pathogenic bacteria from adhering to the urinary epithelium wall.

The White Birch leaves contain high levels of flavonoids and minerals, which have a strong diuretic effect. Furthermore, the methyl salicylate provides White Birch leaves' essential oil with a strong anti-inflammatory attribute.

It is recommended for Adults over 18 years old.
Instructions for use:

Take 1 vial twice a day, preferably after breakfast or dinner.

Main Ingredients:

Uva Ursi, Heather, Stinging Nettle, White Birch, Bilberry, Horsetail, Vitamin B6



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