Clifar Non-Stick Gauze
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Clifar Non-Stick Gauze

A 100% natural cotton and high absorbency gauze. Sterile and non-stick.

Suitable for injuries, burns, plastic surgeries, bedsores (etc.). It allows the skin to breathe.

Available in 3 sizes:
  • 5×7.5cm 5pcs
  • 10x10cm 5pcs
  • 11x18cm 3pcs
High absorbency:

This high-absorbency gauze accelerates wound healing due to its 100% natural hypoallergenic cotton.

Porous cell membrane:

At the point of contact with the wound, a layer of porous cell membrane ensures one-way permeability. It does not stick to the wound while ensuring moisturizing. Its fully sterile surface allows an extended stay on the skin and does not cause irritation or infection, even on sensitive skins.



  • Apply carefully to the wound.
  • Apply the shiny side to the wound.
  • Does not stick to the wound.
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